My passion for screenwriting stems from a desire to make a meaningful impact on the industry. My name is Emmelina Thorup (writing alias Emi Jei), I’m 28 years old from Sweden and I’ve been screenwriting since I was 15.

As a young woman with a fresh perspective, I am committed to amplifying the voices of underrepresented communities, particularly young adults in the LGBTQAI+ community. Drawing inspiration from my own experiences and those around me, my characters are authentically crafted to evoke powerful emotions and resonate with viewers long after the credits roll.

My projects have been considered by Netflix, HBO-executives, and other prominent international production companies - I can work anywhere. My projects usually center on themes relevant to the LGBTQAI+ community, young adults, and underground culture with an international lens. But I’m also experienced in other genres and I’m eager to jump on new challenged with an uplifiting and inspiring team. No challenge is too great for me.

Side not: I'm fluent in Swedish and English. I understand Norwegian, Danish, German and I'm studying Finnish. I also have a driver's license. 

Currently, I am actively pitching my projects and open to new work opportunities to expand my reach and further develop my craft.

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